Important announcement for!

I am very happy to inform you all that I’ve managed to create an automated set-up for the pool! While my original ideas were bigger and better, with setting up an interactive database on the site and such, I have to confess that my programming skills are not to that level yet πŸ˜‰

So with some inspiration from jeffmarco his pool, I’ve created a fairly simple Python script which processes the payments for me on a daily bases based on the % stake for each lessor at that moment in time.

What do you need to do benefit from the new pool set-up?

If you renew your lease (or want to start leasing to the pool), you can direct your lease to the following address: (or 14341139527820664250). Once your lease becomes active, you will start receiving the rewards based on your stake % at 6am and 6pm CET.

Changes to pool fee structure

I was originally using a progressive fee percentage, to cover the expenses and hours put into the pool. Due to the simple Python set-up, I have also changed the structure here. The total fee % at every payment round is now 1%, of which half will be paid to the node lottery account, and the other half to me to continue to cover my expenses.

What if you are currently leasing to the “old” account?

That’s OK, for now. I will continue to run the forging node and maintain the pool balance manually, I will stop doing so however at block 4.100.000. That means that some lessors will have to move their balance to another account to start a new lease if their leasing period is longer than that. If I would have to wait for all the lease periods for all lessors to have lapsed, that would mean that I have to continue to operate the old forging node at least for another 6 months, hence the decision to stop this earlier. After block 4.100.000 all forging rewards generated based on that will be paid out to the node lottery account.

Forging status for the past 3 months

As I did not write any updates in the past few months, this post will allow me to show 3 consecutive months: November 2018, December 2018 and January 2019.

In all, forging has been remarkably stable, without any server hiccups. What might have caused the larger variation in January 2019, I don’t know. This in itself should just be part of how the blockchain and the Proof of Stake mechanism operates for HEAT.

Summarizing the key KPI’s on forging rewards:

MonthTotal Forging %Average daily %
November 20182,51%0,084%
December 20182,69%0,087%
January 20192,58%0,083%

Below the graphs visualizing the monthly fluctuation:

October 2018 summed up to 2,4% ROI

And another month has passed, we’re actually at the moment where we can celebrate HEATpool existing for a year now… hooray πŸ™‚

Past month was a relatively boring month overall, but from a forging perspective one could consider that to be a positive thing. The total ROI summed up to 2,41%. The daily % is hovering around 0,078%. Below the graph showing the daily variances.

ROI for September 2019 was 2.48%, not bad at all

So we got a new server version, the inclusion as well of the BTC wallet into heatwallet, some new team members (Welcome to Mari and Fito!) and some interesting updates from the devs. Let’s hope Q4 will bring us even more!

In terms of forging, September was a kind of normal month. I write kind of, as the forging percentage seemed to have gone a bit down in the 2nd half of the month. Whether this is a result from the new server version, or just changes in the amount of people staking HEAT at the moment is as of yet unknown. For the full month the total ROI for HEATpool was 2,482%. If you would take only the last 15 days into account however, we would have ended up around 2.2%. Needless to say, that would also still be quite a nice ROI in my opinion πŸ˜‰

Below the graph showing the fluctuations in the daily forging percentages, I’ve updated the visuals a bit to show the daily percentages this time:

ROI updates for July and August 2018

A bit later than usual, due to the holiday season. Nevertheless, herewith the ROI updates for both July and August.

  • The total ROI for July 2018 was 2,75%. Nicely in line with expectations. Overall as usual some variance in the month, with a spike caused at the moment Supernet wasn’t forging for about a day.
  • The picture for August is very different, where the ROI ended up at 1,98%. The reason for this drop, was some forking which happened most likely due to the stake sizes of both this pool and Heatlegendspool. This was quickly resolved after Heatlegendspool created a split in 2 pools, but due to the fact that I was on holiday in France (which was great by the way!), I was unable to restart the server again… So consider it bad luck πŸ™
  • Disregarding the period in which no rewards were forged, also August seemed to be a rather stable month

June ROI at 2.72%

And another month went by, with smooth forging results for HEATpool and a stable situation in general. There were only 2 occassions worth mentioning, as also shown in the graph below. In one case the Scaleway server got rebooted (security updated enforced by Scaleway), after which I could not restart forging being not at home… The days thereafter however, a major staker was not forging for a few days which nicely compensated the gap.

As the title says, we ended up with an ROI of 2,72%. Not bad at all!

May 2018 ended with 2.7% ROI for HEATpool lessors!

To summarize what happened last month:

  • Stability, check! No issues whatsoever, no server restarts needed, no weird ROI spikes… great stuff!
  • The ETH wallet integration launched in Heatwallet, finally a great new major release. Now the first bugs have been sorted out, the feature works as intended, giving you a great possibility to securely store your ETH and ERC20 tokens in Heatwallet (both on the web and in the Desktop apps), with more to come in the future!
  • For the pool, we ended up at 2.66% ROI in May, which is close to the 2.6% average I have been mentioning a few times.
  • At the time of writing this post, there are in total 57 lessors in the pool, with a total stake of ~1.8M HEAT. Not as high as the HEATlegendspool (see the updated links section on this site for his pool info, and while you do also check out the one from Jeffmarco if you want to give them a try), but were still one of the biggest stakers out there!

The daily ROI % can be seen in the image below, did I already mention the stability of the HEAT server? πŸ™‚

April 2018: Rewards still stay strong, even with 6 HEAT per block

Overall, the ROI in April 2018 for was just above 3% (3,05), mostly affected by the drop in rewards per block in the HEAT chain. At the same time the chain has been very stable with no forking behaviour or whatsoever, I haven’t had the need to restart my nodes once in the month!

As the time of writing (May 10), the ROI for May at this moment seems to head to approx. 2.6%. Note that May will be the first full month with 6 HEAT/block rewards hence the lower ROI compared to April is anyway expected.

So far so good, now all we need is some great new features and headlines related to the development of HEAT and we are all set!

Below the graph with daily returns in April:

Reward stats for Feb and March 2018

As I could not find the time to create the overview for Feb 2018, I’ve now combined the rewards for Feb and March into one page.

In short:

  • In February, the overall ROI (28 days only) was 4,12%.
  • In March, the ROI was 4,67% in total.
  • Like in previous months, there has been a moment of forking again in both Feb and March, which had a severe positive impact on the ROI, as shown in the graphs
  • In the last days of March, the overall amount of HEAT being forged was back to a high level, and as a result the ROI currently is in the range of 3,4 – 3,8% (around 0,11 – 0,12% daily). Not bad at all, but certainly not as good as we’ve had in the last months.

Now let’s aim for a succesful Hard Fork with the 2.5.0 release of HEAT on Friday April 6, and onto the benchmarking feature!

January 2018 forging summary > 4.5% ROI

With January now behind us, let me share the forging results for the full month. Overall I am happy to state that the HEAT network has proven to be very stable in the past few weeks. Only in the first week there were some hiccups still caused by legacy issues (from version 2.1.0), but for the pool this only has proven to be very beneficial as the pool node took the lead for about 1,5 day. If I would correct for this day, our ROI would not have reached 4.5%, but somewhere in the area of 3.8%. Still not bad at all right?!

Let me share some of the highlights, and check the graph below for the daily results:

  • As mentioned, the overall ROI in January 2018 was 4.52%. When correcting for the major spike in the first week, the ROI would have been ~3.8%
  • While daily returns vary a lot, the rest of the month has been very stable with daily returns between 0.10% and 0.15%. So if you’d like to calculate what you can expect in returns from joining HEATpool, you can use these stats.
  • Somewhere in January, we aready achieved 200k HEAT rewards with the pool, which I consider quite impressive given that at that time the pool was not existing for longer than 3 months.

Let’s hope that the stability will continue in the future of HEAT, and for sure we can expect some nice new features from the HEAT team, they are working quite hard already on getting the things in place!