Important announcement for!

I am very happy to inform you all that I’ve managed to create an automated set-up for the pool! While my original ideas were bigger and better, with setting up an interactive database on the site and such, I have to confess that my programming skills are not to that level yet 😉

So with some inspiration from jeffmarco his pool, I’ve created a fairly simple Python script which processes the payments for me on a daily bases based on the % stake for each lessor at that moment in time.

What do you need to do benefit from the new pool set-up?

If you renew your lease (or want to start leasing to the pool), you can direct your lease to the following address: (or 14341139527820664250). Once your lease becomes active, you will start receiving the rewards based on your stake % at 6am and 6pm CET.

Changes to pool fee structure

I was originally using a progressive fee percentage, to cover the expenses and hours put into the pool. Due to the simple Python set-up, I have also changed the structure here. The total fee % at every payment round is now 1%, of which half will be paid to the node lottery account, and the other half to me to continue to cover my expenses.

What if you are currently leasing to the “old” account?

That’s OK, for now. I will continue to run the forging node and maintain the pool balance manually, I will stop doing so however at block 4.100.000. That means that some lessors will have to move their balance to another account to start a new lease if their leasing period is longer than that. If I would have to wait for all the lease periods for all lessors to have lapsed, that would mean that I have to continue to operate the old forging node at least for another 6 months, hence the decision to stop this earlier. After block 4.100.000 all forging rewards generated based on that will be paid out to the node lottery account.