ROI for September 2019 was 2.48%, not bad at all

So we got a new server version, the inclusion as well of the BTC wallet into heatwallet, some new team members (Welcome to Mari and Fito!) and some interesting updates from the devs. Let’s hope Q4 will bring us even more!

In terms of forging, September was a kind of normal month. I write kind of, as the forging percentage seemed to have gone a bit down in the 2nd half of the month. Whether this is a result from the new server version, or just changes in the amount of people staking HEAT at the moment is as of yet unknown. For the full month the total ROI for HEATpool was 2,482%. If you would take only the last 15 days into account however, we would have ended up around 2.2%. Needless to say, that would also still be quite a nice ROI in my opinion 😉

Below the graph showing the fluctuations in the daily forging percentages, I’ve updated the visuals a bit to show the daily percentages this time: