ROI updates for July and August 2018

A bit later than usual, due to the holiday season. Nevertheless, herewith the ROI updates for both July and August.

  • The total ROI for July 2018 was 2,75%. Nicely in line with expectations. Overall as usual some variance in the month, with a spike caused at the moment Supernet wasn’t forging for about a day.
  • The picture for August is very different, where the ROI ended up at 1,98%. The reason for this drop, was some forking which happened most likely due to the stake sizes of both this pool and Heatlegendspool. This was quickly resolved after Heatlegendspool created a split in 2 pools, but due to the fact that I was on holiday in France (which was great by the way!), I was unable to restart the server again… So consider it bad luck 🙁
  • Disregarding the period in which no rewards were forged, also August seemed to be a rather stable month