May 2018 ended with 2.7% ROI for HEATpool lessors!

To summarize what happened last month:

  • Stability, check! No issues whatsoever, no server restarts needed, no weird ROI spikes… great stuff!
  • The ETH wallet integration launched in Heatwallet, finally a great new major release. Now the first bugs have been sorted out, the feature works as intended, giving you a great possibility to securely store your ETH and ERC20 tokens in Heatwallet (both on the web and in the Desktop apps), with more to come in the future!
  • For the pool, we ended up at 2.66% ROI in May, which is close to the 2.6% average I have been mentioning a few times.
  • At the time of writing this post, there are in total 57 lessors in the pool, with a total stake of ~1.8M HEAT. Not as high as the HEATlegendspool (see the updated links section on this site for his pool info, and while you do also check out the one from Jeffmarco if you want to give them a try), but were still one of the biggest stakers out there!

The daily ROI % can be seen in the image below, did I already mention the stability of the HEAT server? 🙂