April 2018: Rewards still stay strong, even with 6 HEAT per block

Overall, the ROI in April 2018 for HEATpool.org was just above 3% (3,05), mostly affected by the drop in rewards per block in the HEAT chain. At the same time the chain has been very stable with no forking behaviour or whatsoever, I haven’t had the need to restart my nodes once in the month!

As the time of writing (May 10), the ROI for May at this moment seems to head to approx. 2.6%. Note that May will be the first full month with 6 HEAT/block rewards hence the lower ROI compared to April is anyway expected.

So far so good, now all we need is some great new features and headlines related to the development of HEAT and we are all set!

Below the graph with daily returns in April: