Reward stats for Feb and March 2018

As I could not find the time to create the overview for Feb 2018, I’ve now combined the rewards for Feb and March into one page.

In short:

  • In February, the overall ROI (28 days only) was 4,12%.
  • In March, the ROI was 4,67% in total.
  • Like in previous months, there has been a moment of forking again in both Feb and March, which had a severe positive impact on the ROI, as shown in the graphs
  • In the last days of March, the overall amount of HEAT being forged was back to a high level, and as a result the ROI currently is in the range of 3,4 – 3,8% (around 0,11 – 0,12% daily). Not bad at all, but certainly not as good as we’ve had in the last months.

Now let’s aim for a succesful Hard Fork with the 2.5.0 release of HEAT on Friday April 6, and onto the benchmarking feature!