January 2018 forging summary > 4.5% ROI

With January now behind us, let me share the forging results for the full month. Overall I am happy to state that the HEAT network has proven to be very stable in the past few weeks. Only in the first week there were some hiccups still caused by legacy issues (from version 2.1.0), but for the pool this only has proven to be very beneficial as the pool node took the lead for about 1,5 day. If I would correct for this day, our ROI would not have reached 4.5%, but somewhere in the area of 3.8%. Still not bad at all right?!

Let me share some of the highlights, and check the graph below for the daily results:

  • As mentioned, the overall ROI in January 2018 was 4.52%. When correcting for the major spike in the first week, the ROI would have been ~3.8%
  • While daily returns vary a lot, the rest of the month has been very stable with daily returns between 0.10% and 0.15%. So if you’d like to calculate what you can expect in returns from joining HEATpool, you can use these stats.
  • Somewhere in January, we aready achieved 200k HEAT rewards with the pool, which I consider quite impressive given that at that time the pool was not existing for longer than 3 months.

Let’s hope that the stability will continue in the future of HEAT, and for sure we can expect some nice new features from the HEAT team, they are working quite hard already on getting the things in place!

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