Dec 2017 forging results – 7.65% ROI!

With some delay, find herewith the summary of forging status for December 2017.

In a nutshell:

  • Overall an ROI of 7.65% was achieved, which is well above the average!
  • As a rootcause to this high ROI, the forking issues in the HEAT network were the cause. There were some days where the pool almost was solo forging, and overall the amount of total HEAT being at stake was lower than in the months before.
  • On average, the daily ROI was about 0.25%, heavily skewed by the solo forging day around Christmas (see the image below)

I am happy to confirm that the HEAT network is fully stable again in January. Unfortunately this will mean a lower ROI in January for sure, but let’s be honest: rather a great working product with a perfectly fine ROI, than a non-working product with a much higher ROI…

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