Some forking on Dec 15

Earlier today some forking started to occur on the blockchain (around 10am GMT+1), and at the moment I am writing this I have not been able to get the pool node in sync with the chain. Somehow we ended up on our own chain, perhaps with a few others. Re-downloading the chain as we speak, hoping to be up and running again soon. So do expect the rewards for today to be slightly on the lower side.

Update 9.25PM: Forging is back on track, while some small glitches are still visible on heatwallet (some bad transactions which should leave the chain after 720 blocks). Actually the forging results now for today seem to become quite promising, as we currently are already at the level of where we would be for a complete day, so all in all no real impact for the pool!

Below an image of what you could observe if you did compare Heatwallet (on the “shorter” chain) vs running the server and the desktop app connected to Localhost (iso Heatwallet). Clearly shows what might go wrong, but also demonstrates the ease with which you can continue to use trading HEAT by using the server and pointing your desktop app to the localhost!

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