Rewards correction for Nov 27 HF

As you might have noticed, there recently have been 2 hardforks required for the HEAT network safety and stability. The first one happened on November 27 (v2.1.0 server release), after I observed and shared a potential safety issue with the devs. There was some more effective balance in the pool, than factually the lessors had as balance together… As a result, the pool forged close to 1400 HEAT more in a three day period.

Prior to the HF, I was asked by the devs to switch off the server for a while (1,5 day it turned out to be), to ensure that the HF went as smooth as possible. This was a success, at least for some days. However as a consequence we’ve missed out on some rewards (about 2500 HEAT for the total pool). I’ve checked in the community to see whether I could use the HEAT forged more in error as a bit of compensation and got no negative feedback. Hence I’ve used the stake % of each lessor on Nov 27 (the day of not-forging) to divide the rewards and added this balance to your accounts on the Dec 4 rewards. Note that the additional forging which was done with this 1400 HEAT is already incorporated in there, as I’ve set the 1385 in fact virtually apart and it ended up around 1400. See below your stake % and rewards for Nov 27, already included now in your open balance.

If any questions, let me know!

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