Update on recent Hard Fork (Nov 27, 2017)

Last Monday there was a mandatory server upgrade, due to a needed hard fork for additional stability and security of the HEAT network. The hard fork was required due to a bug found with the calculation of the effective balances which are relevant for staking. There was an account in the pool which was counted double in the total stake of the pool, which required a solution.

Due to the hard fork and the above mentioned issue, I switched off the node on Sunday and restarted shortly after the hard fork, after further alignment with the devs. This means that Sunday and Monday hardly no blocks were forged.

At the same time the pool did forge slightly more HEAT during the period in which the bug was happening. This is about 1100 HEAT more than what was supposed to be forged (over the course of about 3 days; regular forging rewards are about 2000 HEAT per day at the moment). I am considering whether these rewards can be used as compensation for the Sunday without the full forging power. All other nodes were having a slightly higher reward chance on Sunday due to the pool dropping out for 1.5 day, so I would expect that that balances things out a bit, with a small loss for the pool overall. Well, that’s life I guess…

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